Pop Warner Football – A Starting Strong While Young

In the year 1929, Pop Warner Football was incorporated. This was an ideal opportunity for growing youthful talents in the field of sports giving rise and hope to sports hopefuls. This started as a four team conference in Philadelphia and has been rising steadily over the years where over 250,000 youth were recorded to have undergone through the program by the year 2010. This has grown to accommodate other countries and is today known to be the biggest football fraternity for those in the age bracket of 9 – 16 years.

teams for Pop Warner Football

The Aim of the Game

When incorporating this program it was configured to ensure that there is a crop of football [players who are not only good football players but who embrace other high quality inter personal skills. This led to development of Pop Warner Football rules which are configured to ensure that the products of this program develop the following;

  • character of leadership
  • spirit of team work
  • high degree of discipline


Safety of the Trainees

Owing to the fact that the program targets youngsters, safety precautions become a key factor in training. It is in this perspective that the use of youth football helmets is paramount. This protective gear is worn to the head and thus providing adequate protection to the youngsters while in training or playing their games.

Eligibility for the Game

Pop Warner Football is specifically designed for youngsters between the ages of 4 – 16 years. Between these ages, there is a great disparity in terms of understanding and body weight among other factors. In this perspective, selection to join Pop Warner Football Teams is based on these protocols where selection is done in preference to various age brackets of the prospects. More to this the prospective candidate requires to have a great taste for education in quest for the program to produce youth with much brighter prospects in life. Selection is done by the management based on the performance of the applicant in their previous academic year and in regard to the number of applications submitted.

When is the Game Played?

With the growth of the football training program within various states and with the high number of participants there are numerous teams which are formed for the youngsters. To ensure they play effectively and give chance to other aspects of their growth and development, a Pop Warner Football schedule has been developed. This is created in forming divisional leagues through which various teams meet and compete against each other. The performance for these teams is used to gauge and choose which team proceed and ones which requires to be dropped.

unfinished youth football helmets

The main idea behind development of Pop Warner Football was to ensure that youngsters are equipped effectively to handle various challenges in life. This means that the players are not defined to remain football players but will effectively develop strong leadership and interpersonal skill and as well increase on their self esteem. In this regard, it is important for anyone wishing to join the program to have great and strong will power to be eligible.