Pee Wee Football training from Pop Warner Football

Pennsylvania based Pop Warner Football cultivates the skills of young pee wee football players in the US and prepares them for better future in this sport. Children and youth between age groups of 5 and 16 are trained by professionals at Pop Warner Football, which is a not for profit organization. The children joining this academy are divided in different groups based on their ages and weights for required coaching by professional coaches. Pee wee football is one such group amongst Pop Warner Football teams, others being Jr. Pee Wee, Jr. Midget, and Midget. Children and youth in the age group of 9 and 12 are considered to be of pee wee football age.

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Pee wee football training

Football training imparted at Pop Warner Football is also graded based on capabilities of different groups, which start improving based on age and muscular developments, apart from comprehension of instructions and strategies. Pee wee football drills are therefore designed for improving the youngster’s physical as well as mental agility apart from optimizing human kinetics. These start with agility exercises that physically warm up the youngsters for the game. Thereafter, these youngsters are taught right techniques of throwing, catching, blocking, and running back. Children in this age group are also introduced to offensive line strategy, and cone drills in a systematic fashion.

Larger football playgrounds are used to train players of this group since by this age these youngsters would have developed better stamina to run for longer periods. Youngsters also become more conversant with the rules of the game, and learn to discipline themselves for conforming to these rules.

Pee wee football team spirit

Like the gear used by adult football players, youth from pee wee football teams are also given special identities using various sportswear including

a.  Youth football helmets;

b.  Youth football T-Shirts;

c.  Youth football compression shirts;

d.  Youth football rib protecting shirts;

d.  Youth football pants;

e.  Youth football gloves;

g.  Youth football pads;

h.  Youth football shoes; and

i. Youth football clothes


These foster a team spirit amongst these young players, and make them an enthusiastic bunch keen on winning the game. They also help in creating realistic pee wee football plays that keeps these youngsters interested in the game, even after any matches. Such apparels and accessories have to be of much smaller size since these are used by youngsters and not adults. Well established sports goods manufacturers such as Adidas and Nike have a range of football products for children and youth of different age groups and built. The colors used to make these clothes or other sportswear are also quite like those of adult football players.

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Basic idea of Pop Warner football organization, which is also known as Pop Warner Little Scholars is to “catch them young”, and ensure that they get habituated to right techniques of playing football. Effectively wrong movements are avoided, and right moves come instinctively to such youth. Youngsters also learn how to play the game as a team, and use their energies fruitfully. Football is one of the three team sports Americans are very passionate about. Annually, there are several football competitions between different states within the country, apart from similar matches between schools, and colleges. The sport is also popular in other parts of the world.