Before You Buy Football Jerseys

For Americans, football is often more than a sport. For instance, there is simply no other sport event in the world that draws so much attention from the fans, media, or sponsors as the Super Bowl. Of course, in the center of it all are the players themselves, wearing football jerseys in the colors of their teams.

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A Long Way from Youth to Super Bowl

Of course, there is a lot that a young football player has to travel before he can get to the chance to play at such a grand stage and for most of them, this remains just a big dream. This does not mean that no one watches these young guys play, far from it. College football is still one of the favorite of all Americans. As a matter of fact, you will probably watch many of the guys that are today wearing college football jerseys in the uniform of your favorite NFL club.

Jerseys Don’t Come Cheap

Fortunately, most colleges pay for the jerseys themselves, so their players don’t have to dish out about $2,500 for a jersey. This includes a helmet for $285, face mask for $20, chin strap for $10, mouth guard for $5, $350 for shoulder pads, about $10-12 for two T-shirts, a few pairs of gloves at $20-25 per pair, game and practice pants at $85 and $40 each, $600 for each kneepad, about 5 pairs of shoes for game and practice at about $50 each, a bunch of socks for a total of $50 or so, and, of course, a game jersey for about 100 bucks and a practice jersey for $50 or so.

As you can see from these numbers, finding cheap football jerseys is really not easy if you want to outfit a player completely. Of course, the prices can vary, but in the essence they go around $2,500.

Can You Find Cheaper Jerseys?

With most colleges paying for the football jerseys and the rest of the uniforms for each player at least every 2-5 years, most college players don’t spend a lot of time worrying about how much all of it costs. All they have to do is put the jersey on and be ready to play a good game. But what if you want something a bit different? How much do custom football jerseys cost? Well, this really depends on where you want to get them and whether you are including the whole package with the youth football helmets and all the other pieces, or you just want a jersey. This way, you might be able to find some good, cheap football uniforms for a much less price than the original.

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Final Thoughts

In any case, if you decide to buy customized football jerseys, this will still be a worthy investment into the future of the young athlete and, who knows, maybe by doing this, you are actually making another player who, in the future will play in the big leagues and one day sign autographs instead of asking from them.