Basics on Youth Football Helmets

Many younger players wear youth football helmets before switching over to adult helmets when they join high school and eventually play the game as professionals. These helmets have been in existence for many years and are the leading choice among many young people that enjoy playing football in school or with friends at the local playing field. The structure of the helmets goes a long way in protecting the head of the player from all types of impact that they experience while playing football. Fortunately, football helmets youth can be bought at various stores both online and offline making it possible for players to purchase the most suitable one.

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To get the best helmets, it is important to shop around and compare prices before making the decision to purchase. There are a number of used cheap youth football helmets that are sold in many online stores that are still of good quality even though they have been worn before. When buying such helmets, it is important to make sure that they are in good condition and can be used again for an extended time period. On the other hand, football players can also look out for new youth football helmets for sale at discounted prices. There are times when stores that sell sports equipment may decide to make room for new stock by selling the current ones at special rates.

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How to Properly Fit Youth Football Helmets

Although youth football helmets are a necessity for every player, they are only effective when they fitted and worn properly. It is important that these helmets minimize the chances of injury during a game and protect a player’s head at all times.

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To ensure that the helmets are a good fit, it is imperative that the following guidelines are followed, which include:

  • First, fitting of the helmet should be done when the hair has been cut to its normal length so that there will be no need for future adjustment. Most times, the type of fit is altered significantly when the fitting is done with different lengths of hair.
  • Second, it is important for the helmet to be inflated when the fitting is done so that it will remain the same even on the playing field. The air temperature of the inflation should be similar to the one in the area which the player will be participating in a game.
  • Third, try out the football helmet in various positions on the head to check if there is any discomfort. It can be worn tilted back, rotated down and even directly overhead. Also, hold the helmet up through the ear spaces to ensure that it can be removed easily from the head.
  • Fourth, when the football helmet is fitted well, it should be easy to see through the front without any hindrances. The crown should be just above the eyebrow and should be able to turn slightly even when the head is facing forward.


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Lastly, all youth football helmets should fit like a glove and still be easy to remove in case of an accident where the player needs immediate medical attention.