A Sporting Guide For The Right College Football Helmets

An all inclusive collection of college football helmets involves different sizes and price points to meet any fan or player’s needs. Any unit should adhere to the basic safety standards. They are usually in catchy prints and designs where purchases can be made individually or in team sets.

The age limit for youth football helmets is 14 years. These are recommended for young players through junior high. It is important to select the appropriate helmet that sits flat atop the head. Any swaying or tightness indicates an ill-fitting size. Correct choices have a comfortable feel once they are put on and the straps are secured. New helmet choices in the market extend to mini college football helmets. These are scale replicas of standard helmets that are usually kept by collectors and fans.

How to Fit College Football Helmets

Take note of this simple tips that will come handy when you choose your helmet.

  • Sizing charts are available in many stores and dealers. These can be used to narrow down fitting alternatives.
  • Measure the head circumference to get a measurement. This is compared to the range of sizes in that category.
  • Pull the selected helmet down the head while holding out the ear holes till it is in place. Many varieties have removable ear pads that can be placed back once the helmet has been worn.
  • Gently rock the helmet in a sideways, back-front manner to establish that it is firm and does not move loosely.
  • Best fitting units should be at least an inch away from the eyes so as to provide clear forward vision.
  • Check for the lining at the ears and jaw area. There should be a small margin allowance to restrict helmet movement.
  • Adjust the strap to snugly fit the wearer.

A user can search for a good deal on available college football helmets for sale in brand distributors. Reputable sources will have excellent customer care support to help through the selection process

An Investment

Professional league grade manufacturers can be trusted to produce the best college football helmets. Many safety features such as a custom inflatable inner liner ensure that the fit is perfect for the user. This capacity allows a free size that is adjustable to the requirements of almost any user. A good selection involves a light weight helmet made of high quality components. Such a buy is a worthwhile investment that is sure to stand the test of time.

Branded college football helmets should be taken care of well for they have a priceless value. They bring about a lot of nostalgia and can be kept to hold on to the precious memories of college life. Collectibles tend to appreciate in value over time. A good resale value can bring about decent earnings for the owner.

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