A Quick Overview Of The Little League Football

The little league football refers to a special sports tournament for young kids. There are various little league football teams by division and weight categories in this game such as midget league and pee wee. Midget football group is comprised of children aged between 12 and 14yrs weighing between 150-170lbs. On the other hand, pee wee division is for children aged 9-11yrs weighing 75 to 120 pounds. The key emphasis of this league is enhancing positive learning through sports, while also preparing the kids to appreciate teamwork and high moral standards as they grow up. Nevertheless, for young ones playing this interesting game safety is always paramount, there are various accessories that can be used to ensure the young ones aren’t injured while out in the field.


Most children and youth football helmets are made from hard-wearing PVC material and have a soft padded interior for extra comfort. Moreover, for aesthetic appeal they can be decorated with various shapes, colors and mascots that the kids would love. Other features that can be added onto the helmets include side decals, player numbers or nose-bumper decals with unique stripes.


They are often made with special pre-curved fingers, including a palm rest structure which naturally blends with the wrist-line strap for quality fittings. Also available is a hyper-fused base construction which creates seamless robustness and a tight grip for secure ball handling. Kids who wear these gloves are also protected from foreign materials such as twigs that may be on the pitch.

Other details include;

  • Silicone palm surface for better control
  • Gussets in-between fingers for improved dexterity
  • Perforations on the backside for breathability


Little league football socks feature a beautiful snug fit which stays put even when the kid is engaged in intense activity. In addition, there are lightweight interior padding for extra comfort and impact protection. Some appliances come fitted with Dri-FIT fabric which helps in wicking sweat away and keeping the feet dry and comfy. The kids on little league football plays program would also benefit from:

  • Enhanced zonal cushioning and combat ankle cushioning
  • Close-fit strut construction for easy snug adjustment via the forefoot
  • Arch support fixtures for secure fitting
  • Machine wash

There are many types of little league football products for the young one. The premium design is made from tacky leather fabric and hand-stitched half stripes which offer quality precision grasp, and anti-wear outer construction. Constructed with insight from football little league professionals, this superior ball is well-sized and bears an international standard shape.

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